Hundreds of town residents have served in the Harwinton VFD since its formation nearly 80 years ago. With the death of Henry J. Delay Jr. in February 2017, Don Smith is the sole living charter member.

Don Smith and Henry J. Delay Jr.

The current roster lists:

Anderson, Carl

Bousquet, Anna

Bousquet, Dave – Deputy Chief

Burke, Sean – Lieutenant

Buys Jr., Bill – Chief

Buys Sr., Bill – Past Deputy Chief

Buys III, Bill – Lieutenant

Camp, Stephen

Capuano, Bill – Captain, Fire Police

Clark, Tim

DeDominicis, Todd – Commissioner

Durocher, Michelle

Ferraroti, Terry

Fredsall, David

Fredsall, John – Past Chief

Hewston, Matt

Keith, Jim

Kirchofer, Charles

MacDonald, Brian

MacDonald, Stephen – Lieutenant

Magill, Jacob

Matava, Eric – Chief, Fire Police

Matava, Jerry

Neuman, Jeff

Niedman, Ryan

Ocampo, Andrew

Rabinko, Tom

Regis, Dylan

Reuber, Mike

Rinko, Bill – Past Deputy Chief

Rinko, Martin

Rousseau, Jeremy

Rousseau, Megan

Rousseau, Roger – Commissioner

Rousseau, Tyler

Smail, Andrew – Lieutenant

Smail, Kevin – Chaplin/Commissioner

Swider, Martin

Talbot, Mark

Thierry, Peter – Secretary

Weems, Anthony

Wescott, Brandon

Whitecross, Keith – Captain

Wilcox, Bruce – Treasurer

Wilkinson, Bud

Winn, Brian

Woosley, Bill

Yurch, Ken